Hi, I'm Wes 👋

I'm a savvy and versatile marketing enthusiast working at the intersection of technology, automation, and business growth.

My approach to marketing looks within and beyond the lead generation funnel. I want to help deliver world-class brand and product experiences.

I find myself currently fascinated in software, B2B startups, and cheap travel. Always testing, learning, and tinkering my way through the web.

Feel free to explore my resume and work experience below!

Wes Hammond
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What I Do

Growth marketing

The customer & data-driven approach to scaling business. Testing and iterating to improve each touch point in acquisition, activation, and retention.

Data integration

Trustworthy, accessible data is an advantage in marketing and business. Integrations ensure data flows through systems and departments seamlessly.


Lead nurtures, customer onboarding, retention campaigns, billing and payments — Automation is the key to scaling and a dear friend of mine.

Analytics and reporting

Digging into data to determine insight, then summarizing with actionable reports and dashboards. The key to informed business decisions.